“Racing to Eradicate”  Thank you for your donation to Feeding Children Worldwide to feed hungry children. Thank you! Together we are making a difference in our world.  Eldon & Twyla Tracy, FCW 

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Your donation will make a difference

Today your gift can make a difference in the life of a little child! $100 provides a meal day for a whole year for a hungry child. Send your best gift today to FCW / PO Box 883 / Mount Prospect, IL 60056. 

Help children in need

Your donation will provide a helpline for children whose parents live below the poverty line. You can today be God's response to your fellow man: "I was hungry and you were eating"...

Support a family in need

$ 600 provides meals for a family of 6 with a daily meal for a year. Your help will make a huge difference. With just $ 50 a month you help Eradicate Hunger from a family. Call today!

Become a sponsor

Give us a call, text or e-mail us there at Feeding Children Worldwide Inc. e-mail: or Eldon at 1-630-639-1408.